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As a business owners looking to compare canon copy machines the key componants will be features and pricing. Making a smart comparison of canon copy machines means choosing the model with Copier Scanning Features, the right Media Type Considerations for your needs and paper size options for your type of business. We have a large new and used selection of canon copy machines near you with the lowest prices ready for lease or purchase.

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When comparing canon copy machines print speed is one of the most important specs to look at. Print speed is often listed on spec sheets as "ppm" for pages per minute.

One aspect of canon copy machines choice is the paper type and capacity to match your use. Make sure the capacity and available sizes meet your needs.


The biggest choice when comparing options of canon copy machines is comparing purchase vs leasing options on canon copy machines. This is a big question for many business owners, and one that is not quickly answered. Both methods come with all sorts of pros and cons, including tax incentives, maintenance issues, depreciation and costs.

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Office Copier Testimonial & Review
Office Copier Testimonial & Review


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